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Winter has arrived at iMoogi

The trails have been extended, the nutcrackers stand guard, the pond has frozen over and the ice skating has begun. The sleighs are a-sleighing and the carolers are a-caroling, the joyful holiday season has arrived at iMoogi Radio and our virtual world community shows...

The Great Zombie Escape

The wind whistles through the leaves above your head. The ‘kaw’ of a crow echo’s in the still, dank air around you. You’re lost in the chill night air but salvation is within sight.

Jack Daniel’s Jack’n for Beats Competition

Truth Do It and PendeMic Square off to make the next round and become the next big Hip Hop Stars! You have until Midnight, November 5th to vote (that’s tomorrow night)! Don’t miss your big chance to choose the next big super star in Hip Hop! There’s still time to get in a vote today, Tuesday the 4th! Make Your Voice Heard!

iMoogi Radio is here!

We are pleased to announce that iMoogi Radio will begin broadcasting as May begins and that we will have a HUGE cross world launch party with live entertainment, give-a-ways and much more. Stay tuned here as the details are released.

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