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Here it is … copy this url below and put it in your media stream and voila … you’ll have iMoogi Radio coming to you live, 24/7.

If you’re streaming, contact us and tell us the details, you’ll be eligible for some spiffy rewards and marketing opportunities!

A Wide Variety of Music for A Wide Variety of People!

We believe strongly in the power of the independent artist and strive to provide opportunities for those amazing artists to showcase their talents, their work and to find the audience that is looking for them! Our wild “anything can happen” mix is tailored to the wide variety of tastes our listeners have, while being peppered with these talents.


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Come Live & Work With Us

We have several lovely parcels on which to live with miles of trails, great community events and fabulous neighbors.  We have both residential and commercial rental availabilies.  Come take a peek, photos on the website or visit the sims directly.

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Get the latest news and updates about iMoogi Radio and the new artists we play during our shows, Center Stage Radio, The Ruth K Brown Show, Theatre in the Dark and Indie Nation.  Find out when they'll be performing live or doing an interview show where you can particpate!

You're IN! Welcome to the Virtual Revolution our newest iMooginite!

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