Owned by iMoogi Enterprises, LLC., iMoogi Radio originally began as a discussion between the CEO’s of iMoogi Enterprises, LLC and AVATAR PR. That discussion would eventually become Indie Nation Live, an online weekly radio show broadcast in Second Life. The fun doing the shows and the wonderful feedback underscored the need for doing even more than just a weekly radio show.

After taking on iMoogi’s television network as a client, the CEO of Avatar PR realized the potential of incorporating radio with television and bringing more than just a single radio show to an entertainment hungry audience.  Revisiting what an online station would mean to both companies was the final step to launching iMoogi Radio.

Combining our actual world network of promoters, club owners, DJ’s indie and signed artists and more with our virtual one will allow iMoogi Radio to operate across multiple platforms to reach millions of consumers in multiple social networks.

As a division of our parent company iMoogi Enterprises LLC, iMoogi Radio joins the following list of other virtual/actual brands and partners in our portfolio: