Using Our Stream vs. Your Own:

First, it’s important to note to all DJ’s … their are some major benefits to using our stream for your shows.

  1. You will be legal.  We pay all royalties, at all times.  No one will ever hit you up about owing royalties or breaking the law.
  2. You will be reaching a larger audience than what you see before you in our club.  That audience includes online via our website, apps and other mediums as well as on other sims in-world who stream us.
    1. We are the first radio station button on all Trigitec Radio Systems in Second Life.

We prefer you use our stream (it is Icecast2) for royalties to be covered.  If you use your own, their is a relay option so that during your show with us, we can cover you, but we don’t prefer this method.  If you do neither, we cannot cover your royalties.

Tip Jars & Shoutcast Board:

We use a Shoutcast board tied to the matching Tipper board with 100% tips going to the DJ or Host.  The Host tipper board is independent of the Shoutcast board.

DJ Software:

DJ’s must have their own software, we will not be providing it for you (SAM, Virtual DJ, LunarCaster, Mixxx, etc.).

Music Genre:

We are open to ALL genre’s of music.  Our tastes are eclectic and so is our audience!


Hosts will need to greet all visitors, engage them in conversation and make it a fun, up-beat environment that people have a great time in.  We do not permit “canned” or “robot” hosting.  You will need to be present for the entire set and be fully engaged.  Your job includes (but is not limited to) managing any contests, audience needs, group growth during the show, helping your DJ and keeping the party going.  We hope you’ll already have or find ways to make the local chat be much more than just gestures flying by at a million miles an hour.

Marketing Content:

We will provide content to both the DJ and the Host, messages of ours or our sponsors, that will need to be shared with the audience throughout your show.

Working at, Owning or Managing Other Clubs:

We don’t have too much trouble with this as we are owned by the same people who bring you The Clubbing Connection and Club Depot.  We are dedicated to the success of the entire industry, not just our club.  We are open to discussion on many sorts of arrangements that benefit us all.

What Happens if We Hire You?

When hired, you will be given a login here at the iMoogi Radio website.  Once logged in, you will find detail information about how we operate (call it you’re guide to “what the heck do I do when…” lol).  This login will also have for you, an area where you can create your page on our site.  Your page will be another way you gain public visibility and memorability with us.  More features will be added as time progresses.

We strive to be fun and easy to work with and care about people more than processes.  This information is hopefully that go to spot where all questions can be answered if we are not available to answer them directly.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to working with you!