Avatar PR & iMoogi Radio bring you a New Artist Photo Contest for NU Music’s fabulous artist, Venita Moore.  The winners will receive a collective L$100,000 in Second Life currency.  The First prize winner’s art will be featured as the art for Venita Moore’s new release, “CAKE UP.”

“Virtual worlds represent a large community of creative talented people who use their environments to turn fantasy into entertainment for all of us, including those not in the realms of VR.  The largest community of creative people live in a world created specifically for them … Second Life (SL),” shared Avatar PR CEO, Scorpinosis Nightfire.  “Just search the hallowed corridors of Flickr for the term “Second Life” and you will find a great deal of art created by SL residents,” added iMoogi Radio CEO Filipa Thespian.

“Because their are so many unique ways to express thoughts, ideas and concepts in art, we thought this would be an exciting way to bridge the gap and create something truly unique for Venita Moore’s new release,” concluded Scorpinosis Nightfire.

To learn more about this competition and to check out the rules and how to enter, please click here.

Good luck!