Mother Truckers is a play written by playwrights, Judith Sapperstein & Gary Murway and licensed by TLC Scripts.  A hilarious show about two sisters, Maxine and Charlotte, who take up the truck route of Maxine’s recently deceased husband.  On the road they have many fun and outrageous adventures and well … “on the road will never be the same again!”

In these episodes, the play is continued with more fun from everyone’s new favorite sisters.  You can’t get these stories on stage so sit back and have some fun because the Mother Truckers are rollin’ down a highway near you!

Inside this episode, Maxine & Charlotte have stopped off at a truck stop to have a bite to eat and get a shower where Max finds out the hard way that its important to remember one’s allergies, especially in public, so as to avoid embarrassment. We meet new characters and find a surprise visitor in the back of the truck.

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